Andge is a family-run business where, over generations, each member of the Andreu family, from founder Joan Andreu Frigola to current CEO Jan Andreu, has left his mark, bringing experience and professionalism to build the business group we know today.


  • time-line-img1931

    Joan Andreu Frigola and his wife embark on their journey into the world of business by running a bakery and bar in the centre of Girona. In this decade Joan Andreu Frigola begins working in the Citroën dealership of Adolfo Puig, taking it over in 1934.

  • time-line-img1940

    A Firestone Tyre automotive operation is opened.

  • 1945-historia1945

    Birth of Joan Andreu Pont.

  • time-line-img1968

    Having studied Chemical Engineering at ESADE, Joan Andreu Pont begins working in the family business. He focuses on expanding the dealership, consolidating the company and getting its financial affairs in order.

  • 1970-historia1970

    Joan Andreu Pont marries Xita Masramón. In terms of business, the focus moves towards product and brand diversification.

  • 1971-historia1971

    Birth of Jan Andreu Masramon.

  • 1980-historia1980

    Náutica Palamós is created in association with the Alzina family following the purchase of the Colomer family share.

  • 1992-historia1992

    A holding company is established encompassing all the business interests of the Andreu Group (Chrysler, Toyota, Citroën, Jeep, Lancia and Alfa Romeo). Nautica Palamós moves to its current premises.

  • 1996-2000-historia1996-2000

    Still with Arthur Andersen, Jan Andreu moves to New York.
    In 1998, he begins working for Grey Advertising at their headquarters in New York.

  • 2000-2002-historia2000-2002

    Following an internal family selection process with external company advice, Jan Andreu is asked to join the family group.
    José Manuel Zugaza from Unilco and Joan Roure from Isese join the Board of Directors.
    Jan Andreu is appointed as manager of Garatge Andreu. The stock investment company, Profitalia, is created as a risk diversification instrument.

  • 2003-historia2003

    The Mont-Ras office is opened. The brokerage and business administration agency, AGA, is created.

  • 2004-2005-historia2004-2005

    The Board decides to diversify into other business areas. The first Whotells building is purchased and the holiday apartment brand concept is developed. A formal agreement is reached with the multinational company, Muji.
    A ten-year licencing contract is signed with Muji. The second Whotells building is purchased. A successful real estate operation results in the purchase of the current Andreu Group offices.

  • 2006-2007-historia2006-2007

    Spain’s first Muji store is opened. The third Whotells building is purchased. The Andreu Group has a landmark year with the sale of a record 6,000 cars.
    The second Muji store opens in Barcelona. An agreement is reached for Muji to be launched in Portugal.

  • 2008-historia2008

    The Andreu Group expands to the Toyota brand, with 40 employees and three branches in the province of Girona. The first Muji store opens in Madrid.

  • 2009-historia2009

    The grupandreu.cat brand is launched. Record profits for Whotells as a result of increased tourism and with the three sites now completed. Another Muji store opens in Madrid and the brand launches in Lisbon.

  • 2014-historia2014

    The Animals Observatory is launched with a view to creating a truly global children’s fashion brand. Expansion of the Náutica Palamós facilities.

  • 2015-historia2015

    The automotive industry begins to recover in the wake of the crisis. A deal is struck for the sale of Muji and Whotells. The Animal Observatory is launched in 25 countries. Náutica Palamós opens new premises.

Relevant dates


1931. Joan Andreu Frigola


1968. Nuevas instalaciones


2006. Apertura Muji


2014. Se crea The Animals Observatory